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What is Real Food?!

What is Real Food?!

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Half of the world’s population is obese.

Obesity is at an all-time high, and you only have yourself to blame.

Just as I don’t sugar coat my desserts, I am not going to sugar coat the truth.

Two years ago, I was obese.

Between being a new mom for the second time and juggling my time as a wife, mom, and friend, I lost myself. I blamed everyone and everything I could for my misery. It wasn’t until I woke up one morning and realized I had to make a change. No one else was going to do it for me.

I was physically and mentally sick, and it was ruining my life. It was on this day, two years ago I made the most significant decision of my life.

I made a change.

Yes, change is hard but in the same aspect very rewarding. I am rewarded each day I wake up with a new outlook on life. Thanks to that one change I made a two years ago today.

Eating real food.

What is ‘Real’ Food?
Real food does not come in fancy brand name bags or overly processed ready-to-eat, just add water, boxes.

Real food is simple; unprocessed and in it’s most natural state.

By eating real food, your body absorbs all the essential nutrients needed to function correctly. Without these essentials, you tend to feel sluggish, unenergized, fatigued, and depressed.

You are led to believe because a box says ‘fat-free’ or ‘calorie-free,’ it is, in fact, healthy. There is nothing healthy about those foods. The truth is, these foods are highly processed and contain engineered ingredients. Our bodies are not meant to break down these properties.

You need fats.

You need calories.

You need carbohydrates.

These are all essential things you need to function properly and lead a healthy life. There is a massive difference between getting these essentials from a bag of chips versus eating real food.

Do me a favor and grab any box or bag of food out of your pantry.

Read the ingredients. Don’t worry; I’ll wait…





It is a long list, isn’t it? Are you shocked to see what you have been eating?

I know I was. When I first started my crazy, beautiful, Paleo journey, I sat on our kitchen floor and went through our pantry. It was full of processed foods, chemical ridden cans, and expired unmentionables. Everything ended up in the trash.

I was disgusted at what I was eating and what I’ve been feeding my family.

There is nothing real about food coloring, corn syrup, artificial flavoring, fructose, citric acids, and other ‘ingredients’ I can’t even pronounce.

These so-called “ingredients” are engineered and added to your foods to keep prices down and products in your cabinets longer. (I am all about saving money, but when it comes to my families health, I will pay more for real food). These same ingredients listed above are linked to specific cancers and diseases. I think it is time to take a step back and reassess why eating real food matters.

Why does eating real food matter?
1. Environment-Friendly
I believe it is safe to say; I can look at an orange and know I am in fact eating an orange. It does not need a fancy box to tell me so. Humans produce millions and millions of pounds of waste each year. I am probably underestimating the waste generated, but you get my point. When you buy real food, you are lessening the waste in landfills, reducing pollution, and helping the environment.

2. Natural Nutrients
Real food is packed full of essential nutrients needed to nourish your body and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Yet, I see more of you searching for that perfect supplement that offers everything from vitamin B to the promise of clear skin. Here is an idea, eat a vegetable or a piece of fruit. I promise you real food can provide clearer skin, essential nutrients, and will save you money in the long run.

3. Healthy
Not only are real foods full of essential nutrients but they also help in lowering the risk of certain diseases. With processed foods steadily available, obesity is at an all-time high. Obesity can come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages. You can fight back by just choosing to eat real foods. You can benefit by reducing your chances of obesity, lowering blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and diminishing inflammation.

4. Support Farmers
Supporting your farmer is one benefit to eating real food that gets overlooked. The purchase and consumption of real food help support your local farmers. The more farmers you can support, the more real food can be harvested, and in return, we have a lot more healthy people. It is the perfect circle of life.

You can start a healthier you today by throwing away everything in your pantry and fridge that is processed. That means everything. It will be hard, but I promise you it will be worth it. A year ago today, I was obese, depressed, unhealthy, and sick; mentally and physically. I couldn’t enjoy the simplest things, like taking my kids to the park or leaving the house without wondering what others thought of me. By making this one small change, it has modified my life drastically. I can wake up each morning and enjoy my life, as a wife, mother, and a friend. Each day I continue to grow, learn and love myself.


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