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Switch up your Morning Routine with Mushrooms

Switch up your Morning Routine with Mushrooms

{I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post}.

Click on any Four Sigmatic link, use promo code paleomomoftwo at checkout and receive 10% off your first order.


I have recently stumbled across mushroom coffee. Yes, mushroom coffee! Two of my favorite things in one. I am not one to lie, but I too was a bit hesitant, at first. The truth is, this is the best damn coffee! It puts Folgers to shame. Well, anything puts Folgers to shame. My hesitation quickly turned into; why haven’t I tried this sooner?


Well, let me introduce you to Four Sigmatic! Also, known as the finnish funguys. (Super cute, right?) Four Sigmatic was founded with the goal of cutting through all of the hype and helping people eat more of one of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods, mushrooms. They wanted to make this incredibly powerful superfood taste better and easier to use, by directly incorporating mushrooms into your existing habits. (Like your coffee addiction)Everyone seems to fall for some trend or fad at some point. Like, those stupid crazy wraps and LuLaRoe pants. Ugh. (Topics for a different day) Anyway, we are always looking for the quick fix, whether it is losing weight, ways to eat (or not eat) healthy, or finding new ways not to exercise.



Mushrooms are not a trend or a fad; they are here to stay. Four Sigmatic has made it easy to incorporate mushrooms into foods without the mushroomy taste. I understand mushrooms are not for everyone.


When I first started dating my now husband, he hated mushrooms. It only took me a year before he realized mushrooms are not as bad as his mother had made them out to be. Eating healthy is a learned concept. My family love mushrooms, especially my three-year-old! We eat between 2-5 pounds of mushrooms a week. I can see my mother in law gagging at that thought. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of my recipes involve mushrooms.


So, what’s so special about mushrooms?

Well, for starters they provide immune-boosting vitamins and minerals and have superpowers to help kick cancers butt and also help prevent it. One of the many reasons I was attracted to Four Sigmatic (besides my love for mushrooms), was because they give back. Whenever you buy any of their mushroom products, they will put a portion of the proceeds towards donating products to Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation. B4BC advocates for a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle. One of their key focuses is empowering young people to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through outreach, sustainability, and support programs.



Through two decades, Boarding 4 Breast Cancer (B4BC) has been educating people, raising funds, and giving back to local communities and research-based organizations. Click here to learn more. Every mushroom provides different benefits. I want to highlight two mushrooms in particular; Chaga and Cordyceps. They are the main stars of today’s focus; Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee.


The Chaga mushroom is highly alkaline. Extracting this into coffee cuts down on stomach issues caused by the acidity of coffee (No running to the bathroom here), and provides a smoother taste. The powerful antioxidants, antiviral effects, and immune-boosting properties of the Chaga mushrooms transform your regular cup of coffee from an energy-boosting treat to a health-enhancing choice!


The Cordyceps mushroom is a natural energy booster. Meaning you can double coffee’s effects while using only half of the caffeine frequently found in coffee. Less coffee but more energy? Yep. I love working alongside Four Sigmatic. Not only do we share a deep passion for mushrooms but we also believe in giving back. So, for every mushroom enhanced product you purchase through my link below, Four Sigmatic will give back.



I may make a small compensation when a purchase is made through any link in this article. (Not enough to buy a beer but enough to save for one) Your trust means everything to me, and with that in mind, I only endorse brands, products, and services my family, and I use and benefit from.


If you are looking for the benefits of mushrooms but hate the taste, Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee will do the trick. I was surprised by what a great flavor this had! This coffee provided me the energy I needed without the jittery feeling my regular coffee gives me. I had two sips and was ready to conquer the day. I had my errands done by nine o’clock and the house cleaned by ten. I spent the rest of the day enjoying my time with my children.

Talk about a super coffee! (and now supermom)


Click on any Four Sigmatic link, use promo code paleomomoftwo at checkout and receive 10% off your first order. 




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