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I did not spend thousands of dollars to attend medical school at Harvard to become a doctor. On that note, I cannot and will not give you medical advice. (I, legally cannot provide medical advice) If you have a health concern, please, consult your primary care physician. The information given is for educational purposes only and has not been in any way evaluated by the FDA. (or the CIA) I spend countless hours researching and expanding my brain to its limits, to provide useful content to you, my lovely readers. (Aww)


Look, I’m working my butt off for free, so it is no secret I collaborate with several outstanding affiliate programs. Potentially, I may make a small compensation when a purchase is made through one of my affiliate links. (Not enough to buy a beer but enough to save for one) Your trust means everything to me, and with that in mind, I only endorse brands, products, and services I personally use. You can now click with confidence!

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Your privacy is crucial to me. Information that I receive from the people who come to this website will not be sold to a third-party provider. Your information will be used by me for purposes of knowing my audience and serving your needs better. 

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